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How to Send a Case

Send your impression

  • Send conventional impressions or models in stone plaster
    To schedule case collection, call our customer service team at 01-800-212-9080. We offer free shipping for one pickup and one delivery per case.
  • Send digital prints
    When you send us a digital print and request a restoration without a model, we will deduct the cost of the work of molding and modeling the invoice from the laboratory. As the case is sent to the laboratory digitally, the finished restorations can be returned to your office in less time than is necessary for restorations that are made by conventional impressions.

Follow-up of the Case

  • Call customer service at 01-800-212-9080
  • Case tracking FedEx, UPS or USPS

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“Nos esforzamos por reducir los costos de restauraciones y expandir el acceso de odontología accesible para los pacientes.”

— Jim Glidewell, CDT, Presidente/CEO

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