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Job Offer Fraud Statement

Please be aware of recruiting/application fraud while applying for jobs. Job applicants may be solicited with fake job offers which are really scams perpetrated through the use of the internet and social media platforms. The fraudsters may even use a company’s logo and legitimizing tactics to give the appearance of authenticity. The scam victimizes people that can least afford to be defrauded, those seeking employment. The scammers use false and fraudulent offers of employment with employers, potentially even Glidewell México, to steal from the applicants. Glidewell México believes that education regarding the topic is the best way to stop the scammers. We want you to know that NO applicant for employment with Glidewell México is ever made to advance any money or pay anything as part of the job application or hiring process. Additionally, Glidewell México’s recruiters send email communications to applicants from “” email accounts only. Accordingly, any email communication that purports to be from Glidewell México, but does not have an “” address should be assumed to be fraudulent.
You should be alert to recognize recruiting fraud when you see it. Consider the following warning signs of recruiting fraud:
  • You are required to provide your credit card, bank account number(s), wiring information, gift cards, photo or other personal or personal financial information as part of the “job application” process.
  • The open position does not appear on the company’s website listing of job positions.
  • The contact email address contains a domain other than the company's name – in our case “”
  • The position requires an initial monetary investment.
  • The posting includes spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You are offered a payment or “reward” in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account.
  • The job posting focuses primarily on the amount of money to be made.
  • The job posting reflects a high initial compensation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be careful!

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