The Employee Spirit of Glidewell

Throughout our expansive campus, high-tech laboratories and R&D facilities, we here at Glidewell are known for our vibrant employee spirit of unity that is derived from our collective family-oriented approach, cultural diversity, and unique skills that enable us to provide comprehensive support to our customers.

Family-Friendly Environment

The origin of this contagious, positive energy stems from our company’s belief in the benefits of maintaining a great family culture among our many departments. While Glidewell encourages its staff to pursue their specific individual career goals, our company additionally focuses on how we can improve our talents as a collective whole. Providing customers with our greatest work is a daily priority that is best fulfilled when our employee spirit is at its height. Bonding activities that employees can participate in together — including philanthropic events, educational activities, company sports matches, and sponsored holiday events — ensure that our customers are receiving high-quality materials from employees who enjoy a rewarding career in a family-friendly workplace.

Cultural Acceptance

Employees of varying cultures, religions and backgrounds not only feel welcomed on campus, but they also experience the company’s spirit of unity firsthand. No matter where they are from, employees always feel at home on the Glidewell campus: cultural demonstrations, displays of flags from dozens of countries worldwide, international holiday celebrations, and a culturally diverse cafeteria menu are among a few examples of how those of different nationalities embrace the spirit of the company. This incredibly diverse group of individuals is not unlike the global customer population that we serve. When our customers request to speak to someone with whom they can more easily communicate, a staff member can connect them to a native speaker, ensuring our customers feel comfortable and confident.

Vision for the Future

Combined with a great work environment and a welcoming nature, Glidewell is continually looking for new ways to better serve its clients. Setting the focus on innovative technology of the future enables employees to experience the palpable energy behind Glidewell’s mission to help dentists simplify treatment, optimize results and improve more lives. The steady growth of the company has led to new inventions and technologies that have enabled employees to be their own visionaries, providing dentists with life-changing solutions for their patients for years to come. Glidewell is proud to serve its valued customers with a friendly, accepting and innovative spirit. From laboratory to dental chair, the spirit we promote here enables us to work together and create beautiful smiles for our customers across the globe.

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