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Glidewell is here to help simplify the process of sending your cases so you can save time and money.

Sending a Case

Sending a case is easy — start by scheduling a case pickup.


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Sending a digital case is easy — start by sending us a digital impression.

Frequently Asked Questions


Call us to schedule an in-office case pickup. If you are located outside Mexico City or Tijuana, you can request FREE Estafeta or FedEx tracking/shipping labels.

Rush service must be scheduled by calling 800-212-9080 (Mexico City) or 800-800-7075 (Tijuana) before the case is shipped to guarantee that rush service for your case will be available.

  • Overnight delivery may not be available in certain rural areas.

In-office case pickups can be scheduled by phone 9 a.m.–6 p.m. (Monday–Friday) and 9 a.m.–1 p.m. (Saturday). We have messengers available within Mexico City and Tijuana for pickups and deliveries to your office door.

Call to request FREE Estafeta or FedEx tracking/shipping labels if you are located outside Mexico City or Tijuana.

800-212-9080 (Mexico City)
800-800-7075 (Tijuana)

You can track your case with Estafeta or FedEx, or call us at 800-212-9080 (Mexico City) or 800-800-7075 (Tijuana).

Still have questions? Contact a friendly representative for help.

Give Us a Call
Call for help and information on case pickup.
800-212-9080 (Mexico City)
800-800-7075 (Tijuana)
800-298-2702 (Guadalajara)

Schedule an appointment with our Account Manager

Contact us directly or submit your information!

Mexico City: 800-212-9080
Tijuana: 800-800-7075
Guadalajara: 800-298-2702
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